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We are a diverse family with a passion for camping and outdoor activities. We started this wonderful, very family oriented, campground in the hopes that it would help our community grow.

We are incredibly excited to watch Deep Creek Camping and Events develop into the NUMBER ONE destination for family fun and camping in Western Canada.

Hope you join us, we look forward to welcoming you to our dream.

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At Deep Creek, our mission is to create an unparalleled home away from home experience for our cherished customers, fostering an environment where families can gather and create lasting memories season after season. We are dedicated to continuously innovating and elevating our offerings to ensure that every adventure at Deep Creek is truly unforgettable.

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Our name “Deep Creek” comes from Sangudo’s original settlers and is a heritage name we are very proud to carry on.

Owned by two generations of the Shura Family, Ray and Jacque, along with their son Corrie and daughter-in-law Tara, proudly carry on the legacy of hospitality in the heart of Sangudo. With deep roots in the area and a commitment to their community, the Shura family works tirelessly to ensure your stay in Sangudo exceeds all expectations


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Sangudo, Alberta
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