Welcome! From our family to yours.

Regulations & Information

This information is intended as a general guide and is subject to change without notice.
In order to ensure a safe and pleasant stay, please familiarize yourself and your family with the following rules.
  • Please register your campsite. Checkout time is 11:00am.
  • The stay limit is 7 consecutive nights.
  • Camping fees are payable at time of registration.
  • Camping permits are not transferable.
  • Camping permits are issued on a “first-come first-served” basis except in sections of a campground where a campsite reservation service is in effect.
  • All campsites must display permits.
  • The maximum number of motor vehicles, tents, and trailers permitted on a campsite is three, of which only two may be used as sleeping quarters (except when two tents are used as sleeping quarters, in which case two motor vehicles may be permitted).
  • The camping fee applies to each accommodation unit on a campsite, one tent is aloud for children 15 yrs of age and under at no extra charge(but must be from the same family unit). No more than six people may occupy a campsite unless they are all members of the same family unit.
  • Camping permit holders are responsible for the actions of all camping party members and any visitors to their campsite.        VISITORS: All visitors must stop and obtain a visitors pass at the General Store. All visitors must leave the grounds by 11:00pm. Visitor parking will be at the second entrance to the campground.
  • Children must be under adult supervision at all times
  • Smokers: Please extinguish cigarettes and put them in ashtrays or fire pits. DO NOT throw butts on the ground. NO SMOKING in washrooms/showers or the General Store.
  • ALCOHOL: Is restricted to your site. 
  • Damage caused by carelessness shall be paid in full by the person in which the site is rented by. Cutting of trees and shrubs is strictly prohibited. 
  • Picnic tables: Please place tinfoil under stoves and bbq’s before use. 
  • Dishwashing must be done at your site. Save the water to extinguish your fire pit with!
  • Gate: The gates will be closed between11:00pm and 7:00 am. This is for your security. Please open and close gate behind you.
  • Quiet Hours: We are all here to have fun. Please observe quiet time from 11:00pm to 7:00am. 
  • SPEED LIMIT IS 10km/h
Day Use
  • Day use areas and recreation areas are open to the public from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Please leave these areas clean after each use.
  • Picnic tables: Please place tinfoil under stoves and bbq’s before use.
Fire Prevention
  • Campfires are permitted only in facilities provided and must be attended by an adult at all times. Extinguish with water, do not leave a fire smouldering at night.                   WE DO NOT ALLOW OUTSIDE FIREWOOD into the campground. This includes Milled Lumber and cut offs and construction or industrial wood. Fire wood can be bought at the General Store.
  • Never leave your campfire unattended.
  • Make sure your campfire is completely out before you leave your campsite.
  • When the fire hazard is extreme, fire bans and/ or restrictions may be implemented.
  • Campgrounds may be closed if an extreme fire hazard in the vicinity threatens public safety.
  • If you see a wildfire in a forested area, report it immediately to the nearest ranger station or call 310–FIRE (310–3473).
Motor Vehicles
  • Please drive cautiously and obey all speed limits —children may be playing in the area and campground roads are often used as pathways.
  • To prevent damage to trees and other vegetation, please keep all vehicles on designated roadways.
  • To protect your pet and those of other campers, wildlife and other campers please keep your pet on a leash during your stay and while using trails.
  • Please pick up after your pet.
  • Be considerate of other campers—please ensure that your dog does not bark excessively.
  • In accordance with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Act, consumption of liquor is restricted to registered campsites.
  • Liquor is prohibited in all public areas including: on roads, trails and walking paths; in washrooms and shower buildings, in cook shelters and in boats.
  • Possession of liquor is prohibited in day use areas.
  • If you are an Alberta resident between the ages of 16 and 65, you must obtain an Alberta angling licence.
  • Non-residents must obtain an Alberta angling licence regardless of age.
  • Refer to the annual “Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations” for seasons and catch limits. The guide is available in print and on the Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development web site at esrd.alberta.ca.
  • For your safety and to protect wildlife, do not approach, feed or harass wild animals— these actions may cause a wild animal to feel threatened and a threatened wild animal can pose a danger to humans and/or their pets.
  • Store food (including pet food) and toilet articles such as soap and toothpaste in the trunk of your vehicle or in your camper—never take these items into your tent or tent trailer. Seal garbage in plastic bags and dispose of garbage in the appropriate garbage bins.
  • Use of fireworks is prohibited.
  • NO Livestock allowed in the campground.
Plants & Fossils
  • To protect the natural beauty of our site and recreation areas it is illegal to remove, deface, injure or destroy plants, fossils and rocks. Use of dead wood lying on the ground for firewood is also prohibited.
Crime & Prevention
  • We experience very little serious crime in our site and recreation areas; with your cooperation we can keep it that way.
  • Ensure that your camping gear and valuables are securely stored and locked up when you are away from your site.
  • To deter thieves, mark your camping gear and valuables.
  • Report acts of vandalism to Deep Creek Management.
  • Be a good neighbour – help protect one another’s property.
Contravention of Regulations
  • Contravention of our regulations in and around the Deep Creek areas may result in eviction.
  • Please respect the rules, and your neighbours which will ensure a great summer filled with fun and laughter!